Instructions for working in the cooling system of BMW
17 00 …
Danger of scalding, work in the cooling system to perform only when cooled down engine.

A warning!
Use protective gloves and goggles.

A warning!
Filled with coolant for life:

Do not use coolant former operation again.

When replacing or removing nodes that have corroded under the action of the coolant must be replaced. Therefore, the cooling system should be drained and refilled.

In the case of other work on removal, which decreases the amount of coolant only be refilled with new coolant.

A warning!
Open cooling system only when the engine is cold!

Opening the cooling system when the engine is still hot from previous may lead to ingress of air into the system.

The consequence may be overheating with irreversible damage to the engine.

A warning!
When working with the contours of oil, fuel and coolant must protect the alternator against contamination.

Cover the generator.

Failure to do so may result in damage to the generator failure.

A warning!
Do not fill the cooling system expansion tank above the maximum level noted since the overflow coolant begins to flow. This may appear fluid marks on the tank or in the engine compartment and give rise to the erroneous conclusion about possible leaks.

Collect the drained coolant and dispose of.

Observe country-specific waste-disposal
Tightening torque 17 00 1AZ clamps.
Removing the quick couplings
Pull lock (1/2) and remove the hose.
Check O-ring (1).
On the O-rings (1) can not apply lubricant to facilitate sliding.
Installation quick couplings
To press the stopper (1) before installing the quick coupler.
Attach the hose.
Quick-release coupling must snap into place with an audible click.