Instructions for gluing labels BMW

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Rating plate with model designation is glued to the body and, in the case of peeling, can not be used again.
Attaching the rating plate with the model designation must be carried out at room temperature.
When drying the varnish at a temperature above 80 Ashildik be removed.
The following work steps are described in the example, “316 i”.

Apply a nylon cord or a twisted yarn surfactant (e.g., household detergent).
Cut through adhesive layer and remove the label (1) with the designation of the model with the boot lid (2).
Remove adhesive residue remover adhesive (sourcing reference: BMW Parts Service).

Letters and numerals (1) with the designation model nameplate not connected to each other and are supplied to the base film (2).
A warning!
The contact surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease.
After cleaning do not touch the place of sticking with their bare hands.
Remove the liner (3) (a protective film on the adhesive surface).
Firmly press the label with the model designation.
Remove the base film (2).