Ignition coil, removing and installing the engine BMW M43TU
1. Each candle is equipped with its own ignition coil. All coils are connected to a common
module, which is located above the upper support of the right front suspension.
Undo the clips ducts for wiring.
Undo the latch, remove the plastic screen.
2. Turn off the ignition.
3. Disconnect the module from the ignition coil electrical connector.
4. Undo the latch and remove the plastic screen from the ignition coil module.
Disconnect the unit from the high-voltage wires.
Apply marking on the wires to
not to mix them at installation.
Non cylinders to connect the appropriate cables are applied on top of the unit coil.
5. Remove the coil module mounting bolts and remove the module from the body.

6. Installation is performed in reverse sequence. Do not confuse the high-voltage wires
when they are connected to the module.