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Hose circuit diagram (for fuel metering system) S38B36 BMW M5 E34


1 Vacuum hose to fuel pressure regulator
2 Vacuum hose to non-return valve
3 Vacuum hose to non-return valve (13)
4 T-piece
5 Vacuum hose to vacuum tank (8)
6 Vacuum hose from T-piece (4) to changeover valve for resonance control
7 Suction lead from cycle valve to intake spigot
8 Vacuum tank
9 Vacuum hose to heating regulator
10 Vacuum hose from Vacuum tank (8) to non-return valve (11)
11 Non-return valve
12 Vacuum lead to shut-off valve for air intake
13 Changeover valve for air intake
14 Plug connection (2 pin) on changeover valve (to DME control unit)

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