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Generator BMW X5 E53

Generator model used car BMW X5 E53 series with a body depends on its configuration engine. All three-phase AC generator with integrated rectifier unit in the nine gates (the six main rectifier diodes and three extra), rated current output power of 75 A or 150 A and electronic voltage regulator to adjust the Range 13,5-14,1 V. Features generator and its thickness depend on the motor model.
1 Compact generator Bosch 75/100 A (M54)
2 Bosch alternator 120 A (M54)
3 Valeo alternator 90 A (M54)
4 Generator Valeo 120/140 A (M54)
5 Generator with a liquid-cooled 150 A (M62)
6 Generator Bosch 100/180 (N62)
7 Valeo generator with a liquid-cooled 120/150 A (M57)
8 Compact generator Bosch 120/150 A (M57)

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