Fuel supply cut-off device – check, removal and installation. M51 diesel engine.
The electromagnetic shut-off device on the pump opens the way fuel at ignition. It needs to check if the engine does not start, or continue to operate after the ignition is switched off.
Turn on and turn off the ignition several times. At the same time the solenoid valve should be loud enough to click. If it does not, disconnect the wire. With the help of the auxiliary wires, connect
valve with a positive battery terminal. If the valve clicks, check the power supply scheme and, if necessary, replace the wiring or parts. If no fault is found, replace the valve
Pan unit fuel supply cutoff. When working on the injection system observe cleanliness and safety.
Disconnect the wire, remove the cut-off device (1).
Remove the piston and spring solenoid valve and insert them into the new device. Note the correct installation of a sealing ring. Screw the new cut-off device and tighten to 20 Nm.
Install the drive.