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Front suspension of the BMW 5 E39

Front suspension of the BMW 5 E39

1 – Suspension Strut
2 – Coil Spring
3 – gas-filled shock absorber
4 – anti-roll bar
5 – the stabilizer bar
6 – Tie Rod
7 – front axle
8 – steering
9 – draft
10 – wishbone

Independent front suspension on double levers, aluminum, has a beam connected with a body through rubber support. The front bar by wishbones and traction associated with rotary bearings. Hydraulic bearing wishbone provides compensation even when oscillations nebalansirovannyh wheels. Depreciation rack associated with the body and the pivot arm bolts consist of a coil spring and the gas spring in the form of a double pipe. Anti-roll bar resists body tilt when cornering and promotes the best contact of the front wheels to the road.

Carrying out welding and straightening work the front suspension is not allowed.

Since the suspension is made entirely of aluminum, it is necessary to observe the following:
a) suspension is not allowed contact with the battery electrolyte.
b) only stainless steel brush should be used to clean the suspension. Do not use brushes made of steel or brass.
c) When grinding / cutting elements of the suspension must be closed to protect against sparks. Expose them to the stream of sparks is not permitted.
d) Do not expose the elements of the suspension exposed to welding sparks. Close the suspension elements.
e) Do not expose the elements of the suspension to temperatures above + 80 ° C. Temperatures spray booth is permissible.

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