Front Suspension BMW 3 E46
The suspension of the front wheels
1 – support
2 – Coil Spring
3 – shock
4 – knuckle
5 – rocking support
6 – wishbone
7 – arm holder
8 – front axle
9 – steering
10 – anti-roll bar
11 – Tie Rod
12 – Disc
13 – Caliper
Independent front suspension consists of a wishbone, MacPherson struts with coil springs and telescopic gas dampers and anti-roll bar.

Both damper struts are connected to the body and swivel bolts. Steering knuckle sent wishbones made of aluminum, which are associated with the front axle beam. Beam through gidroopory connected by bolts with the car bottom.

The front suspension is anti-roll stability, which prevents the body tilt when cornering and improves the grip of the front wheels to the road.

The front suspension does not require maintenance.

Not allowed to do welding and straightening work on the front suspension.
Given that the wishbones and supports are made entirely of aluminum:

1. Do not allow aluminum chassis parts with the battery electrolyte.
2. To clean, use only stainless steel brushes. Do not use a brush made of carbon steel and brass.
3. When grinding / cutting range cover aluminum chassis parts, do not expose them to sparks.
4. Do not expose steel welding spatter, cover the aluminum parts.
5. Do not expose the aluminum parts a point to temperatures above + 90 ° C. Painting in the cells is allowed.