Engine Oil Service BMW N20, N26

11 00 …

Special tools required:

11 9 240

83 30 0 493 936


Risk of scalding!
Carry out work on the vehicle only when wearing oil- and heat-resistant protective gloves incl. forearm protection, face guard and protective apron.


Carry out the engine oil service only when the engine is at operating temperature.
Observe the exact engine oil filling capacity.
Overfilling the engine with engine oil will result in engine damage.


Risk of damage!Protect the belt drive and alternator against contamination.
Cover with suitable materials.

Catch and dispose of drained engine oil in a suitable collecting vessel.
Observe country-specific waste disposal regulations.

Release oil filter cover (1) with special tool  11 9 240.

Tightening torque 11 42 1AZ.


Slowly open the oil filter cover (1) catch the exiting engine oil with a rag.

Engine oil flows out of the oil filter housing and back into the oil sump.

Order number: 83 30 0 493 936

Rear-wheel drive (plastic oil sump):
Open oil drain plug (1) on oil sump.
Drain engine oil.
Installation note:
Replace oil drain plug.
Tightening torque 11 13 2AZ.
If prescribed torque has been reached and oil drain plug (1) still does not latch, oil drain plug (1) must be positioned such that a latch mechanism is aligned (see arrow).
If applicable, oil drain plug (1) may need to be rotated back again (released).

Four-wheel drive (cast aluminium-oil sump):
Open oil drain plug (1) of oil sump and drain engine oil.
Installation note:
Replace sealing ring.
Tightening torque 11 13 1AZ.

Remove and insert oil filter element (1) in direction of arrow.Installation note:
Replace oil filter element (2) and sealing rings (1).
Moisten sealing rings (1) with engine oil.

Secure oil filter cover with special tool 11 9 240.
Tightening torque 11 42 1AZ.
Pour in engine oil.
Start engine and run at idle speed.
Check the Check Control message in the instrument cluster Check Control.
Check Control message (red oil can) is only displayed if oil pressure drops below minimum permissible oil pressure for longer than approx. 8 seconds.
Switch off engine.
Check oil filter cover and oil drain plug of oil sump for tightness.
Assemble engine.

Recommendation: Checking oil level:

    • Park vehicle on a horizontal surface
    • Allow engine to run at operating temperature for three minutes with increased engine speed (approx. 1100 rpm)
    • Read off oil level in instrument cluster or on control display
    • Top up engine oil if necessary