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Engine Oil Service BMW M57T2

Engine Oil Service BMW M57T2

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Risk of scalding!

Carry out work on the vehicle only when wearing oil- and heat-resistant protective gloves incl. forearm protection, face guard and protective apron.


Carry out the engine oil service only when the engine is at operating temperature.

Observe the exact engine oil filling capacity.

Overfilling the engine with engine oil will result in engine damage.


Risk of damage!

When working on the engine oil, coolant or fuel circuit, it is essential always to protect the alternator against dirt contamination.

Cover alternator with suitable materials.


Catch and dispose of drained engine oil in a suitable collecting vessel.

Observe country-specific waste disposal regulations.

Open oil filter cover with a suitable tool.

Tightening torque 11 42 1AZ.


Engine oil flows out of the oil filter housing and back into the oil sump.

Pull oil filter element (1) out of oil filter housing.Installation note:

Replace oil filter element (1).


Presentation: without underbody protection / reinforcement plate.

Unclip sensor opening on underbody protection or reinforcement plate.

Remove screw plug (1) from oil sump and drain engine oil.

Tightening torque 11 13 1AZ.

Installation note:

Replace sealing ring.

Installation note:

Renew large sealing ring on oil filter cover.

Check small sealing rings, replace if necessary.
Moisten sealing rings with engine oil.

Close oil filter cover with a suitable tool.

Tightening torque 11 42 1AZ.

Pour in engine oil.
Start engine and run at idle until oil pressure indicator light goes out.
Switch off engine.
Check oil filter cover and screw plug on oil sump for leaks.
Assemble engine.

Checking engine oil level:

  • Park vehicle on a horizontal surface
  • Using the oil dipstick, check the engine oil level after five minutes on the engine at normal operating temperature
  • Top up engine oil if necessary

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