Dismantling strut (removal and installation of shock absorber and coil spring) BMW 5 E34
Note: a spring on one axis must be replaced as a pair. New springs should have the same BMW number (located on the end of the spring).
• Remove the spring strut.
• Before removing the shock absorber spring must be compressed using a special device. commercially available.
Note: in any case, do not remove the shock absorber rod nut until the spring is compressed.
• Hold the spring strut in a vise and compress a spring by means of a special device.
Note: when installing devices in the coils of the spring, take care,
that they are adequately covered coils, and could not be broken. Compress the spring on three sides. Coil springs have greater elasticity, so use a device of adequate strength. Do not use a spring for fixing the wire in a compressed state, this may cause injury!
Note: the shock absorber rod nut must turn away only when compressed
• Remove the protective cover of the top support strut,
• Remove the shock absorber rod nut bent ring spanner, hold the rod against rotation
another key Attention: The nut is tightened big moment, so it may be necessary to weaken knock hammer wrench handle.
• Remove the washer.
• Remove the thrust bearing with a sealing ring.
• Remove the washer, upper spring cup with seal and spring.
Warning: if the spring should be replaced, slowly unclench her. If you are replacing only the shock absorber, leave the spring compressed.
• Remove the protective sleeve and the compression stroke limiter.
• Unscrew the screw ring and remove the shock absorber from the rack housing
• Remove the old oil from the housing strut.
Attention: shock absorber must be stored in an upright position. If a shock absorber kept retracted rod in a horizontal position, while driving can cause knocking. If necessary, it can be stored with extended shock absorber rod at room temperature for no more than 24 hours.
• New springs have a corrosion-resistant coating.
Before installation, check the integrity and restore the damaged areas if necessary.
• Fill the housing strut 20-25 cm ‘(520i: 42 – 47 cm’) engine oil SAE 30 oil
necessary to ensure the removal of heat from the absorber to the body of the cartridge rack.
Note: when installing gas-filled cartridges do not pour oil
• Install a new shock to the body strut. Tighten the threaded ring torque of 110 Nm.
• Assemble damper strut. Make sure that the spring is fully in contact pads to the top and bottom plates.
Warning: when the thrust bearing replacement, pay attention to the marking “+” or away from the pin. The new bearing must have the same label, to keep the shaft adjustment.
• sealing ring is inserted in the concave side toward the thrust bearing.
• Self-shock absorber rod nut must always be replaced. For stem with hexagon head tightening torque is 65 Nm for the stem with hexagon socket – 45 Nm.
When tightening the rod should hold the appropriate key.
• Slowly unclench a spring
• Place the protective cap and install the spring strut.
Checking the shock absorber
Faulty shock absorbers are usually manifested as follows:
in the long-term fluctuations of the body after driving on the road irregularities, the growing sway of the body to a series of irregularities;
• Raise the front of the vehicle during acceleration;
• bouncing wheels on level ground;
• withdrawal of the car to the side when braking (this may be due to other causes);
• instability of the vehicle when cornering, up to the skid: to knock when driving.
Check the general condition of the shock absorbers can be done manually. However, the precise check of working
performance is only possible on the stand.
• Remove the shock absorber.
• Squeeze and stretch shock absorber, keeping it in position.
• damper rod to be moved over the entire length of the working stroke with the same high resistance, without jamming and jerks.
• During normal operation, the shock absorber may be the appearance small smudges of an amortization liquid.
• With a strong leak fluid, replace the shock absorber.