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Cylinder head cover, removing and installing the engine BMW M52, M52TU

Cylinder head cover, removing and installing the engine BMW M52, M52TU

Remove the cover and disconnect the connector ignition coils, prietom fold the metal bracket upward.

Remove the ignition coil from the cylinder head and remove them. Remove the cylinder head cover bolts.

CAUTION: Note the location of the rubber pads under the screws for installation in the same place.

Replace damaged gaskets. When overlaying laying pay special attention to the correct location of the recesses in the front of the cylinder head. Follow the installation is made in sequence, return to removal. Tighten the bolts coil ignition and cylinder head cover 10 Nm torque. Connect the ignition coil connectors and secure them with metal straps.

Disconnect the ground wire from the battery.
WARNING: This erases faults in electronic memory devices.

Raise the vehicle. Remove the exhaust manifold from the front exhaust pipe. Drain the coolant from the engine, which remove the drain plug on the side of the engine block under the exhaust manifold. Disconnect water hoses from the thermostat, after loosening the clamps. Disconnect the throttle cable from the throttle lever. Remove the oil filler cap. Remove the small screwdriver
cap and unscrew the screws located underneath. Remove the cylinder head with two plastic plates. Remove the front side of the cylinder head jumper mass. Disconnect the ventilation nozzle
cylinder head, while raising the bar on the fitting screwdriver. Remove the bolt and remove the cylinder head from the sensor. Remove the two screws and remove the block. Zamarkiruyte position of rubber pads for installation. Each ignition coil, pull up the metal bracket and disconnect the connector. Remove the connector plugs with wires. Remove the ignition coil and remove them. Zamarkiruyte position weight jumper for later installation. Disconnect the pipe throttle following hoses and connectors, pre-Marked and their attachment points. Loosen the hose clamps and remove the retaining bracket connectors:
• throttle switch connector
tion flap;
• temperature sensor connector
• Water heater hoses
throttle position;
• ventilation hose fuel
• fuel supply hose
(White connector);
• returnable fuel hose
(Black connector).
Disconnect control valve idling hose from the bottom side of the inlet tube.

CAUTION: The fixing tabs can be easily broken.

Remove the intake manifold support.

Disconnect the intake manifold from the cylinder head. Clutching wire clamps, disconnect connectors.

Remove the cylinder head cover.

Pulling the side clamps, remove the front of the thermostat cable channel.

Remove the cover.

Establish the piston of the first cylinder in position of the top dead center. To do this, turn on the fifth gear and the crank of the crankshaft pulley in direction of engine rotation to a position in which the cams of camshafts intake and exhaust valves of the first cylinder (from the drive circuit) will face each other. At the same time the arrows on both camshaft sprockets should be directed upwards. Secure crankshaft in TDC position. By inserting a rod through the hole in the engine block into the hole in the flywheel.

Models of early years of release
Remove the lifting bracket and the top cover of the gear box. Zamarkiruyte position of aligning plugs two outer bolts for installation. Remove the gasket, which must necessarily be replaced.

Remove the two screws securing the valve cover.
• Push the upper chain tensioner and lock it in position with special tool.

Having turned away bolts, remove the chain sprocket with the chain.

Models of late years of release (VANOS)
* Remove the oil pipe actuator VANOS and-shut off the stopper.

Disconnect VANOS solenoid actuator.

Remove the plugs from the actuator. Unscrew the camshaft sprocket
exhaust valves. Push the upper chain tensioner and lock it in position with special tool.

Unscrewing the nuts, remove the VANOS adjustment unit.

Unscrew the sprocket inlet camshaft. Remove from the star

daughter remote washer. Remove both sprocket with the camshaft with chain. Remove the bracket of the upper chain tensioner.

Remove the cylinder head with the tension device.
CAUTION: Hold the tensioner, it is under the action of the spring.
Remove the chain guide and sprocket of the exhaust camshaft.

WARNING: Attach the chain to the wire so that it does not fall.
• For a few tricks in the direction of the head bolts from the inside out, unscrew and remove the cylinder head.

Check the integrity and accuracy of centering

bushings. Secure camshafts with special tool in the right position. If necessary, turn camshafts at hexagon 24 mm.

CAUTION: Do not damage camshafts.
In this case the camshaft must be set so that the valve 1 and the first impression cylinder moved to rotate the crankshaft of the first about 30 ° from the top dead center position and only then rotate back camshaft. This prevents contact between valves and pistons. Tighten the cylinder head bolts for the three doses each time in the sequence of 1 to 14. The 1st method: tighten the bolts in the sequence 1 to 14 with a torque wrench to 30Nm torque tightening. 2nd method: tighten the bolts hard key by 90 °.
3rd method: tighten the bolts hard key by 90 °.

Put an asterisk on a camshaft flange. The arrow on an asterisk should point upwards. Threaded holes must be on the left side of the slits, as when installing the tensioner sprocket must rotate left.

• Install the top chain guide and chain tensioner.
Models of early years of release.
Put the top chain with asterisks, arrows on an asterisk should point upwards. Bolts stars do not tighten.
Models of late years of release (VANOS)
Screw in the thread tensioner device. This tool presses a chain and pulls it a little to the camshaft sprocket established in the middle of the slots. With some experience in such a device can be made independently. Without proper installation tools chain is impossible.

• Insert the spacer washer and tighten the bolts to 20 Nm.
Install the top chain with asterisks, with the flat side of the inlet camshaft sprocket should face outward, and the flow to the camshaft.

The arrow on an asterisk of a camshaft of final valves should be turned upwards. Bolts should be placed in the middle of the slots.

Put the remote washer on intake camshaft and tighten. Secure sprocket exhaust camshaft, without tightening the bolts. Before installing the VANOS adjustment Turn the two stars in the slots all the way to the right. Before installing the press back toothed shaft with VANOS hydraulics

lic piston (1) up to the stop towards the housing (2)

Install VANOS adjustment unit, and the gear shaft must engage with an asterisk. If you want a bit of a star turn counter-clockwise to the shaft gear engages. Slide VANOS adjustment unit towards cylinder head, with the asterisk must be rotated to the left.

Screw the VANOS adjustment unit. Cover the joints between the surfaces of the cylinder head
and actuator assembly VANOS hermetic.

Upper tensioner tool set.

In this position evenly in two steps tighten the sprocket bolts of exhaust camshaft with a force of 20 Nm. Remove the device for fixing the camshaft and the chain tension.
Attach the oil pipe VANOS unit fitted with new seals. Dock electric socket.
Fix the lower tensioner with a new ring with a torque of 35 Nm. At the same time slot should be placed vertically.

Models of early years of release
Tighten bolts of asterisks cross 20 Nm. Install the gear box top cover with a new gasket. At the same time, tighten the bolts to 10 Nm MB and M8 bolts to 22 Nm. Put sleeves on both outer bolts. Screw the two bolts valve cover. Remove the device, locking the camshafts.
Install the cylinder head cover and intake pipe.

Tighten the bolts of the cylinder head cover with a force of 10 Nm. Insert the ignition coil with paper liners and secure.
* Connect the ignition coil connectors and secure them with metal straps.

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