Coolant pump, removal and installation. Engine M10, M20, M40. BMW 3 E30
Coolant Pump 4-cylinder engine
The sealing ring of the coolant pump (M40)
Laying of the coolant pump (M40)
On the destruction of the gland of the pump indicates leakage of fluid from the control
holes in the pump.
Pump status is checked bearing checking backlash swaying laterally (listen to the engine running may not give accurate results, as a howling sound may issue slipping belt or worn alternator bearings).

Removal and installation
1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. After the complete cooling of the engine, drain the liquid.
3. Remove the fan casing and the drive belts.
4. Disconnect the hoses, remove the pump from the fluid coupling and impeller.
Engine M10
5. Remove the bolts and remove the pump.
Engine M20
6. Remove the ignition distributor, runner and shield, disconnect high-voltage wires.
7. Remove the engine speed sensor.
8. Remove all the bolts of the pump except the bottom.
9. Turn the pump and remove the belt tensioner spring and a pin.
10. Remove the remaining bolts and remove the pump.
Note: the belt tensioner bolt does not turn away. The rotation of the camshaft is allowed.
Engine M40
11. Remove the pump mounting bolts and remove the pump.
12. If the pump can not be removed, the screw two bolts into the holes in special tides and rotating them, remove the pump.
13. Installation is performed in reverse order, taking into account the following:
– Clean the engine M40 demountable planes and replace seals;
– On the M20 engine tighten the bottom bolt and turn the pump to align the holes by setting the spring and pin. gradually tighten the bolts, making 1/4 turn at the reception.