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Removal weight approximately 250 kg to 450 kg.
Check vehicle payload.
If necessary, load front footwell with approx. 200 kg.
Note safety information of table lift!

Necessary preliminary tasks:
Position vehicle on vehicle hoist so its weight is centred.
Clamp off battery.
Move engine compartment lid into service position.
Suction off air conditioning.
Remove charge air line on the throttle valve.
Remove fan cowl with electric fan.
Remove complete propeller shaft.
Remove left and right brake caliper and place to one side.
Remove tension strut on spring strut dome.
Remove left and right wheel arch cover (front section).
Remove left and right auxiliary radiator.
Remove the vacuum line at the separation point.
Release coolant hoses from radiator.

Position refrigerant lines (3) correctly.

Tighten down screws (4).

Tightening torque 64 52 1AZ.


Replace sealing rings.

Use special tool 00 9 030 to install sealing rings without damaging them.


Catch and dispose of escaping fuel with auxiliary materials.

Observe country-specific waste disposal regulations.

Unfasten fuel line (1) and disconnect.

Unlock and detach tank ventilation line of carbon canister (2).

Close off fuel line (1) with special tool 13 5 161 .

Close off fuel line (2) with special tool 13 5 162 .

Bring steering to centre position.

Release clamping bolt (1).

Detach the steering shaft (2) from the steering gear.

Part: Renew clamping bolt (1).

Tightening torque 32 31 2AZ.

Illustration: DKG Release nut (1).

Release ground cable (2) from body.

Manual gearbox only

Pull off retainer (2).

Disengage gearshift rod (1).

Manual gearbox only

Release and remove bearing journals (1) in direction of arrow.

Lift gearshift arm out upwards.

Installation note:

Grease bearing journals (1).

Grease, refer to BMW Service Operating Fluids.

Manual gearbox only


Pressure line of clutch slave cylinder remains connected.


Slowly relieve tension on clutch slave cylinder otherwise air is drawn in through sealing cup.

Release nuts (1) and remove clutch slave cylinder.

Part: Replace nuts.

Tightening torque 21 52 1AZ.


Coordinate determination always begins at the top.

Position engine assembly on table top A. Position transmission on table top B .

Table top B is adjustable in a longitudinal direction (see arrow).

Structure of table lift.

Position retaining elements (1) with fixture (50) on table top A for front axle support at coordinates 7/2 and 7/7.

Position retaining elements (2) with fixture (80) on table top A for front axle support at coordinates 2/2 and 2/7.

Position retaining elements (3) with fixture (60) on table top B for transmission cross member at coordinates 3/2 and 4/6.

Position additional retaining element (4) with fixture (80) on table top B under transmission oil sump at the coordinates 5/4.

Position fixture (5) on table top A for swivel bearing at coordinates 4/1 and 5/8.


Possible mounting points for the front axle support.

Note position 1 and 2.

Secure fixture of swivel bearing (1) on brake disc with wheel studs (2).

Secure adjusting screw (3).

Illustration: DKG

Release screws (1).

Tightening torque 22 32 3AZ.

Completely remove front axle with engine and transmission with lift 81 22 2 184 136 carefully downwards.Note:

Graphic shows N63 hybrid drive

Installation note:

Position the table lift beneath the vehicle.

The inclination of the table lift (1) can be adjusted using the adjusting screws (2).

After installation:
Check and add engine oil.
Fill and bleed hydraulic system.
Check line connections for leak tightness Check and clear the fault memory.