Clutch. General information. BMW 5 E39
On these models set single-plate dry clutch with diaphragm spring.

Clutch in the car performs two tasks: when you turn on any disconnects power transmission link between the engine and the gearbox, and when pulling away, provides the frictional slippage, excluding traffic spurts.
1 – Clutch Disc
2 – clutch basket
3 – clutch release bearing
4 – clutch lever
5 – a bolt
6 – ball bearing
7 – a spring clamp

Coupling consists of a basket of the pressure plate, clutch disc and clutch mechanism.

The clutch is connected by bolts with a flywheel, which is in turn fixed to the engine crankshaft flange. Between the pressure plate and the flywheel is driven by a disc that presses against the pressure plate flywheel. Clutch drive to center with a primary shaft of a check point.

Pressing the clutch pedal clutch via the hydraulic lever and presses the spring clutch. As a result, the pressure plate is released and the clutch disc is no longer pressed against the flywheel. The power connection between motor and gearshift is terminated.

All models of the hydraulic clutch. The hydraulic clutch is supplied via a common reservoir of brake fluid.

Each time you turn off and on the clutch friction surface wears partially conducted disk. The slave drive are wearing parts. However, its service life is over 100 000 km. Wear is mainly dependent on the load (operating with a trailer) and driving the character. Clutch does not require maintenance. It is self-aligning.