Checking fluid level system hydrostrengthening steering BMW 5 E39
1. Periodically check the fluid level in hydrostrengthening steering system in order to avoid problems with the vehicle control, such as the steering pump damage. Proceed as follows.
Warning: Do not hold the steering wheel on full lock in one direction or another for more than five seconds. This may damage the steering pump.
2. Tank hydrostrengthening steering system is located in the left side of the engine compartment and has a screw cap with a built-in measuring probe it.
3. Park the vehicle on level ground, and cock a lay brake.
4. The oil level can be checked when cold or heated oil. Warmed oil has a temperature of about + 80 ° C, cold oil is at ambient temperature.
5. Remove the oil tank cap on the cooling of the engine. Level indicator on the tube with a clean rag.
6. Put the lid on the neck without tightening it, and remove again. The oil level should be between the marks on the index. Add oil if necessary. Add oil should be allowed by BMW. Top up with new oil necessarily, t. To. Even minor contamination can cause failures in the power-steering.
7. Start the engine and if necessary top up the oil so that it is between the marks on the index.
8. With the engine running, turn the steering wheel several times from lock to lock. Thus the air is removed from the system.
9. Stop the engine.
Note: The overflow liquid is allowed no more than 5 mm above the MAX. Remove excess clean syringe. Close the lid.
Check the O-rings on the tube. replace if necessary.
10. Close the tank cap.
11. If you want to frequent topping up the fluid, check the hoses and couplings hydrostrengthening steering system for signs of wear and leakage.
12. Check the condition of the drive belt.