Checking clutch plate for wear in the BMW cars

21 00 010

In the following vehicles checked for wear is no longer required:
– BMW 7 E38 M62 engine since 09.1996
– BMW 5 E39 M62 engine

Remove the clutch slave cylinder without disconnecting the pressure line,
see. 21 52 510.

Vacuum in the slave cylinder should be reduced gradually so that by the seal of the cylinder is not the intake air.

Insert special tool 21 2080 so that the scale corresponding to this type of transmission was visible from below.

Determine the type of gearbox,
see. Technical data, identification transmissions HG 23

Measuring scale B:
4 cylinders without ZMS (dual-mass flywheel without)
Transmission S5D 200G

Measuring scale D + E:
Transmission S6S 420G
Transmission S6S 560G

Measuring scale B + C:
6 cylinders and all 4 cylinders with ZMS (with dual-mass flywheel)
Transmission S5D 200G
Transmission S5D 250G
Transmission S5D 260Z
Transmission S5D 310Z
Transmission S5D 320Z

Push the pin of the measuring device to the clutch fork and remove the indication of wear.

If the visible red portion (2) of the scale, it is necessary to replace the clutch disc.
1. Friction lining in the redistribution norm
2. Friction lining worn