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Checking camshaft timing engine BMW M43, M43TU

Checking camshaft timing engine BMW M43, M43TU

11 31 005

Remove the cylinder head cover,
cm. 11 12 000.
Remove spark plugs,
cm. 12 12 011
If necessary, remove fan clutch with fan impeller and fan cowl,
cm. 11 52 020/17 11 031.
Rotate crankshaft at central bolt in direction of rotation prior to installation of the piston of the first cylinder in TDC.

Remove the dust cap from the hole for fixing.

Secure crankshaft in TDC firing with special tool 11 2 300.
A warning!
Before starting the engine, remove the lock.

Fit special tool 11 3 190 on camshaft.
Special tool 11 3 190 must be no gap adjacent to the cylinder head.
If necessary, adjust camshaft timing the camshaft,
cm. 11 31 505.

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