BMW engine oil service M60, M62, M73

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Note: Do not damage main flow oil filter cover. Only open and tighten with socket wrench. Unfasten main flow oil filter cover – engine oil now flows back into oil pan. Installation: Tightening torque, refer to Technical Data 11 42 2AZ

Remove oil filter from oil filter cover. Installation: Note direction of installation of oil filter insert. Oil filter insert must locate in oil filter cover.

Installation: Replace sealing ring and coat with oil.

After draining oil from oil-filter housing, unscrew oil drain plug or draw out oil with a vacuum unit. Installation: Replace sealing ring. Tightening torque, refer to Technical Data 11 13 1AZ 70 11 237 Pour in engine oil. Switch on engine and run at idle until oil indicator lamp goes out. Stop engine and check oil level. Note: Position car on a flat, horizontal surface.