Bleeding the clutch BMW

21 00 006

Special tools required:
21 5030

Necessary preliminary tasks:
Remove the lower gearbox housing, if necessary.
If necessary, remove microfilter housing.

A warning!
From 08. 06. to E8X, E9X installed plastic clutch slave cylinder.
This section contains important installation instructions.

Release nuts and remove clutch slave cylinder without disconnecting the pressure line.

Set on the slave cylinder (1) special tool 21 5 030.
Fully push rod (2) of the piston cylinder actuator spindle.

Connect the device for pumping to a tank.
A warning!
Observe the operating instructions of the manufacturer of the device.
The pressure must not exceed 2 bar.

Attach a hose to the bleed nipple (1) for pumping.
Hold the slave cylinder with the help of special tool 21 5 030 in this position (see. Figure).
Unscrew the fitting (1).
When the brake fluid flows without air bubbles, a little push out the rod (2) of the piston actuator cylinder spindle and push it again.
Screw fitting (1) for pumping, if the air bubbles no longer come, otherwise repeat the whole process.
A warning!
In no case does not remove from the executive cylinder tool 21 5030, when the brake system is under pressure.
Otherwise, the piston and rod can be pushed out of the cylinder actuator.

Turn off the device to pump and disconnect it from the tank.

Slowly push rod (2) of the executive cylinder piston (1) with special tool 21 5 030.
Remove special tool 21 5 030 from slave cylinder (1).

Install slave cylinder on gearbox.
Replace self-locking nuts.
Tightening torque 21 52 5AZ.
Check brake fluid level in the reservoir and top up with hydraulic drive fluid if necessary.