Air heater interior for BMW 5 E39


1 – the heater fan
2 – a bolt
3 – the ultimate fan stage
4 – temperature sensor in the cabin
5 – sensor heater temperature
6 – a vacuum hose, black
7 – seal connection of outside air
8 – the vent pipe
9 – shutter release cable
10 – cable
11 – Fan Cover
12 – heating vent channel
13 – Clip
14 – a bolt
15 – the heater fan
16 – a cover of the heating elements
17 – heating vent channel
18 – the control cable:
Foot area:
A – green,
C – Green
A – red,
C – red
A – Blue,
C – blue
19 – Drive valve position
20 – Printed Circuit Board
21 – visor
22 – the handle of distribution flow
23 – Temperature setting knob

Outside air for heating sucked through the suction grille of the air filter housing, which is under the windshield, and a fan is supplied to the interior of the vehicle. In this air passes through the heater box and from there flows through the individual nozzles in the interior.

air flow is controlled by valves actuated by movement of the cables. If the heater is set to “warm” mode ( “heat”), the air flow is directed through the radiator. The radiator is located in the heater box and is heated by hot coolant.

Passing the air stream is heated by contact with the heat sink plate and enters the salon. Thermal performance is governed by the flow of coolant, which system has two solenoid valves in the circuit of the cooling system.

Air temperature control is carried out rotary handle, separately for the left and right halves of the cabin. The electronic device in the control unit controls the opening time of the heater valves, depending on the temperature in the cabin. The temperature sensor is located behind the heater box. Thanks to the electronic regulation of air temperature is maintained nearly constant, regardless of the vehicle speed and the ambient temperature.

To enhance the heat flow is the heating fan, having a smooth adjustment.