Air Conditioner BMW 5 E39
1 – fan
2 – evaporator
3 – choke
4 – low pressure service connection
5 – High pressure service connection
6 – Drier
7 – capacitor
8 – a compressor
and – outside air cooling
b – the heated air is supplied to
c – no cold air is fed
through the heater fan
d – the cooled air flows into the interior
A – high pressure (gas)
The – high pressure (liquid)
C – low pressure (liquid)
D – low pressure (gas)
With the air conditioner in the vehicle interior temperature can be lowered below the ambient temperature. With a fully automatic system in the passenger compartment to the desired temperature. The distribution and the amount of air is regulated by an electronic device, regardless of the vehicle speed. To this end, electronic sensors transmit electronic device information on the temperature of the outside air and the air in the cabin. Managing air dampers and outside air supply fan is carried servomotors. Possible faults in the control unit and sensors and executive bodies are recorded in the fault memory. With the help of a special device memory contents can be read.

conditioner Work

cooling compressor is driven by V-belt drive from the crankshaft of the engine. It compresses the working gas air conditioning circuit to a pressure of 30 bar. At the same time the gas is heated. In the condenser cooling hot gas is produced passing air therethrough. As a consequence of the cooling gas condenses and it becomes a liquid. Under high pressure fluid passes through the throttle. Due to the reduced pressure liquid is cooled and evaporated. Passing through the evaporator, the cooled liquid extracts heat from the air blown through it. The air is cooled and fed into the vehicle interior. The working fluid in gaseous state at low pressure enters the compressor.