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Adjusting glass slide/tilt sunroof lid BMW 3 E46

54 12 003 

Close glass sunroof lid (zero position).


Distance (A) between lid and front and rear of roof must be the same.

Slide a credit card or identity card in between seal and lid. The card must show the same resistance.


Front – flush to 1 mm deeper

Rear – flush to 1 mm higher

Adjustment/removal of glass slide/tilt sunroof lid:

Slowly slide headliner (floating) towards rear up to distance (A).

Measurement (A) = 90 mm.

Slacken screws (1) on left/right.Note:

For adjustment, only slacken screws (1) to such an extent that glass sunroof lid (2) is still just adjustable.

To remove glass sunroof lid (2), release screws (1) completely.

Height adjustment:

Adjust height of lid (1) to roof (2) with special tool 00 9 315 (gap wedge).

Press glass sunroof lid at front and rear upwards/downwards until ideal position is obtained.

Tightening torque, 54 12 2AZ.

Check function and adjustment.

Replace screws (1) when removing and installing glass sunroof lid (2).


Tightening torque, 54 12 2AZ.


Initialize sunroof.

Slowly pull headliner (floating) fully towards front.

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